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This Week in EDH – 11/29-12/5

Let's do the Time Warp again!

The week back after Thanksgiving was a little slow for EDH given States was this past weekend (even I was busy with that). That is, expect for the bannings. You do know about the bannings, right? Remember that this doesn’t take place until the 20th of this month, so abuse it while you still can. Anyone want a foil Painter’s Servant that’s no longer usable?

Week #2

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  • December Bannings – Painter’s Servant is banned, while Grindstone comes back. Their reasoning is sound, but it’s not a favorite among the players.

I Got 99 Problems But a General Ain’t One

  • EDHing Your PDS: Slivers Deck – MtGColorPie – Did you buy your Premium Deck Series: Slivers? Did you want to turn it into an EDH deck? Great idea. While, I’m not a fan of Slivers, but hopefully I was able to do my take on if I did build this deck. If I would change anything, I would add Dormant Sliver into the deck. Continue reading

This Week in EDH – 11/22-28

He also sees the winning lotto numbers

In order to get more EDH out to the public, I’ve decided that here on 99EDH, we’re going to link to the articles and points of interest that this week had for our favorite format. While searching for the usual suspects, I’ll need some help from my readers.

If any of you like any other EDH articles or posts from this week (Sunday to Saturday) that didn’t make it, mention it in the comments below.

While you read the internets during the week and you notice something awesome about EDH about the past week, e-mail (99ehdproblems AT or twitter (@mtgcolorpie) me the link. If you submit it and it makes it, guess what, you get a mention and a hearty thumbs up for spreading the word.

Week #1

I Got 99 Problems But a General Ain’t One