This Week in EDH – 11/22-28

He also sees the winning lotto numbers

In order to get more EDH out to the public, I’ve decided that here on 99EDH, we’re going to link to the articles and points of interest that this week had for our favorite format. While searching for the usual suspects, I’ll need some help from my readers.

If any of you like any other EDH articles or posts from this week (Sunday to Saturday) that didn’t make it, mention it in the comments below.

While you read the internets during the week and you notice something awesome about EDH about the past week, e-mail (99ehdproblems AT or twitter (@mtgcolorpie) me the link. If you submit it and it makes it, guess what, you get a mention and a hearty thumbs up for spreading the word.

Week #1

I Got 99 Problems But a General Ain’t One

  • Derfington’s Corner: Playing with Fire – Jaya Ballard – Derfington – A new author on our site admits his love affair with a certain General in a tight leather catsuit. Taking a more Timmy approach to the deck building (we love all player types on 99EDH), he goes into making it a fun deck. Also, decklist.

  • pIRATE! The deck – Ben Mcdole – Riffing off last year’s Pirates vs. Ninjas Duel Deck April fool’s day joke, Ben decides to actually build a pirate themed EDH deck. Hilarity ensues. Still a little sad that he went 5 colors instead of fewer.

MTG Deck Source

  • The Sliver Hive – MTG Deck Source – Taking a look at the recently released Premium Desk Series: Slivers, he decides to build an EDH deck from it. This is a different direction then our take on the Sliver EDH (which will appear in the new few days).

Star City Games

That’s it for this week. If I missed anything or if you want to give your recommendations, throw them in the comments down below. Have a good weekend and see you next time.

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