This Week in EDH – 11/29-12/5

Let's do the Time Warp again!

The week back after Thanksgiving was a little slow for EDH given States was this past weekend (even I was busy with that). That is, expect for the bannings. You do know about the bannings, right? Remember that this doesn’t take place until the 20th of this month, so abuse it while you still can. Anyone want a foil Painter’s Servant that’s no longer usable?

Week #2

Official EDH Site

  • December Bannings – Painter’s Servant is banned, while Grindstone comes back. Their reasoning is sound, but it’s not a favorite among the players.

I Got 99 Problems But a General Ain’t One

  • EDHing Your PDS: Slivers Deck – MtGColorPie – Did you buy your Premium Deck Series: Slivers? Did you want to turn it into an EDH deck? Great idea. While, I’m not a fan of Slivers, but hopefully I was able to do my take on if I did build this deck. If I would change anything, I would add Dormant Sliver into the deck.

  • Ninjas: Sissy Pirates – Ben Mcdole – Part two of his series of Ninja vs. Pirates EDH fun decks. Even though there is a clear favorite here between the two theme decks (due to the number of cards printed for each), it’s a pretty fun exercise.

MTG Deck Source

  • Pyromanic – MTGDeckSource  -Last week he did a Sliver EDH deck list and we did a Jaya. This week, it’s the opposite. I’m currently talking to him to see what’s he’s doing next week so we can keep doing this. Seriously, the list is much different then the one posted here proving that there are many ways to do EDH decks.

Star City Games

  • The Justice League – Fun in Elder Dragon Highlander – Nicholas Sabin – Ah, the on-going discussion of how EDH is going to play out: cutthroat/competitive vs. casual. That will be a topic here as well. My opinion briefly: There’s a place for both, just have a deck for both.
  • The Magic Show #168 – Worlds 2009 Part 2 – Evan Erwin – At the beginning of his video, Evan talks to some members of R&D and how they use EDH in testing. If you’ve like the quality of the casual cards over the past few years, thank EDH. Big picture: WotC loves EDH and it will continue to see support. It’s not going away for a while.

While you read the internets during the week and you notice something awesome about EDH about the past week, e-mail (99ehdproblems AT or twitter (@mtgcolorpie) me the link. If you submit it and it makes it, guess what, you get a mention and a hearty thumbs up for spreading the word.

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