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Deck Skeleton – Verdeloth the Ancient

Verdeloth the Ancient

Get off my lawn!

Green card draw. That’s a funny concept, right? I mean, if there was going to be a color that was good at drawing, wouldn’t it be Blue?

Well, you’ll find out today that Green isn’t all that bad at drawing either. And when people see you pull this off, they’ll laugh and cheer you on (hopefully). I’ve got friends who see when they have a choice of EDH decks to choose from for me to play, this is the most commonly picked. It doesn’t always have the best defenses, nor does lock an opponent out of the game. As long as you don’t abuse it, nor take five minute turns (yes, that’s possible in a Mono-Green EDH deck), people will want to you play this as well.

This deck has one of the most powerful cards ever that isn’t banned in EDH; infact, this is the only deck I’ve seen it in (it’s not an artifact nor a land, discuss), and it can only really go in this deck. Thanks to the way this format is set up it’s ripe for doing whatever we want. Really, it’s absurd.

Without furter ago, let’s get cracking. The Oracle updated Verdeloth’s text box with fancy new text, including the awesome line “if it was kicked.” Let’s see the “official” text:

Kicker X (You may pay an additional X as you cast this spell.)
Other Treefolk creatures and Saproling creatures get +1/+1.
When Verdeloth the Ancient enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, put X 1/1 Saproling creature tokens onto the battlefield.

Does that mean we get to build a Treefolk/Saproling EDH deck? Of course it does. Today, we’re going to build a fun semi-casual EDH deck that people can appreciate. It isn’t as finely tuned as it could be to become really good (hint: you drop the Treefolk theme), but I decided that it wouldn’t be as fun. EDH is a fun format and I wanted to play Treefolk. Why shouldn’t I?

And if you haven’t figured out the awesome totally “hyped-up yes it’s really that good I’m not exaggerating” card by now, you’re in for a huge shock. No, it’s not a Legend that tons of people want banned as a general again (though he is in the deck, but without his weapon of choice). To the tech! Continue reading