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Deck Skeleton – Uril the Miststalker – Auras

Uril the Miststalker

Miststalker? I hardly know her...

In “Deck Skeleton,” we take a look at what would be a good start to build a deck around a certain General. Now with some Generals it will be more obvious then others to build around a deck around, but this is just one way to do it. Please remember that EDH decks are your creation; there is no Pro Tour where you have to practice for where you have to follow the decklist exactly. If you don’t like the card choices, change what fits to your play style.

Now, on to the deck. I’ve got a Uril, the Miststalker deck that I want to remake, so this is a great opportunity. The deck was acting fine but it wasn’t running amazingly well. People on twitter were saying that they love their EDH deck to be built around the General (quick rules primer if you don’t know what I’m talking about) and Uril is one of the better ones to do this with. If you’re starting out or looking for a fun yet powerful General, take a look at Uril; he’s cheap (money-wise) and it’s easy enough to get started with him. Since we want to work with Uril let’s see what he does:

Uril, the Miststalker can’t be the target of spells or abilities your opponent’s control
Uril gets +2/+2 for each aura attached to it.

Two things, both powerful. The first is “Troll-shroud” named after “Troll Ascetic.” One of the most common ways people control generals is by casting spells such as Condemn, Dupilcant, and bouncing effects but luckily they won’t be able to be used on this guy. Second, you won’t get card disadvantage when you play auras so feel free to play them on him. We’ve now got our theme: play auras and swing with Uril. (Thumbs up) Continue reading