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Why It’s Important to Update Your EDH Decks

No, not everything is foil and foreign, yet...

Worldwake release has come and past and now you’re sitting at home with a stack of new cards. You’re looking at your EDH decks thinking if you should update them with your shiny new cards you pulled or traded for.

And you should.

While EDH isn’t a rotating format (like Standard and Extended are), there are always new exciting things that you can add to your decks with each new set. Even if you think that you deck is perfect the way it is now, why not take a look at it with some of the new cards from the set. I do it each time a new set is released as it’s always the most logical time to update you deck.

Timing-wise, it gives you a chance to play around with the new cards. Maybe something is better than you thought it was, or didn’t give something a chance and now it’s seeing play in all of your decks. Maybe I was wrong with my Worldwake review and you saw something I missed and it’s been frustrating your friends ever since. Maybe you ditch the old way of playing in your old deck and develop a new way that your friend can’t deal with.

And isn’t that always the best feeling?

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The Really Big Worldwake EDH Review

Never mess with the Fatties!

Ahh, you smell that? That’s the new set smell.

It’s the time again where every Magic blog in the world does a new set review. Since you guys voted in such overwhelming numbers, I’m going to be doing a Set review of EDH here on 99EDH. A whopping 69% of you wanted an EDHtastic review (75 votes) and only one person voted no (sorry, but I guess you’re going to have to skip this post then). Luckily you didn’t want me to do every single card which is good; but you know what surprised me when I went through the list: about half of the cards can fit into an EDH deck.

Please note: pretty much every card in this set can be used in this format, though some of them aren’t really all that exciting (Twitch?). If you want to try out some of the other cards that I didn’t mention here, feel free.

At the end of this post, you’ll get my Top 10 list for EDH from Worldwalke. On to the reviews!

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Worldwake EDH General Review – Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs

What is your quest?

Yes, another EDH legend was spoiled, so here comes a new review of him. This General is different than the ones we’ve normally seen in this color. It’s a little odd to see his ability (one you can easily abuse), but it can be used effectively to make sure no one messes with you.

But first, take a look at that art. There are some Generals that look wimpy, or rely on their smarts or ones you might think you could take in a fight. It looks like this guy will tear limbs from you if you ever cross him. Good thing we’re going to make him happy.

Again, if you want to be kept from spoilers, go no further. Otherwise, let’s see what we can do.

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Worldwake EDH General Review – Anowon, the Ruin Sage

He's holding an Apocalypse Chime? (Look it up kids)

Most of you that voted in last post’s poll, want a EDHtastic set review of Worldwake. I guess you guys can’t get enough Magic reviews. Fine, fine, you’ll get your reviews after the Prerelease. As for now, you’ll get what I’m thinking about each new EDH General that’s officially released.

The new General shouldn’t really be a surprise to anyone who’s been following Magic since M10. Vampires have been the New Kids on the Block being all high and mighty. They got a semi-awesome General in Zendikar, but of course Worldwake was going to bring the one who would lead the tribe (Anyone else notice how much tribal stuff they got going on in this block? Maybe it should’ve followed Lorywn instead of Alara).

What follows is spoilers about this guy, so look away if you want to be surprised. Yes, he’s shirtless, but guess what, he’s not sparkling, and that’s a very good thing.

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Worldwake EDH General Review – Omnath, Locus of Mana

I think someone's been watching Princess Mononoke lately

With Worldwake coming up around the corner, it’s that time to update your EDH decks. Sure you don’t have to, but there might be some great cards that you’d love to put in your decks. Other times, there are new Generals that are printed to give you more options to build new decks.

While there will be some websites and blogs doing set reviews, I’m still up in the air to decide what to do (voice your opinion in the poll, please!). Currently, I’m going to review the first EDH General from Worldwake. If you want to keep away from all spoilers, don’t go under the jump.

(Remember, we’re only going to be reviewing WotC approved spoilers. To see the list, click here)

Onto the first EDH General: Omnath, Locus of Mana.

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