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Weekend Commentator Diversion – Do You Play Commander on MTGO?

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Up until recently, I hadn’t played Magic Online (MTGO). For various reasons I won’t get to now (It’ll go up on my other blog, I kinda stayed away. Finally a couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge. While I don’t play everyday online, it does give me a chance to play when I wouldn’t normally (which is the appeal of it).

Long story short, I’m using it mostly for drafting and playing Commander, which is the MTGO equivalent of EDH. I’m still getting the hang of it, but as you can see from the picture on the right, screen real estate is a very valuable thing here; sometimes I wonder why I play on my laptop if people are playing 500 tokens and whatnot.

At the moment, I bought the UWG Commander decklist and have been drafting and buying cards through the bots online. I think I have an alright decklist thrown together (was lucky to open several Revised Duals in the ME/ME2/ME3 drafts a few weeks back) but it’s still a work in progress.

So, for the topic for this weekend/whenever (because people are still chiming in on the other one, which I think is great, continue to do so): Do you play Commander on MTGO? Yes, no, what’s your favorite part, what do you hate, etc? Do you have any advice for people starting out or thinking about getting online? If you don’t play MTGO, is there anything that would get you convinced to try?

BONUS: I know that this blog has been lagging a little big, a combination of work and, well, look at the topic, has gotten me a little off track. New posts are currently being written, but I also what to hear from you guys what would you like to see on this site? Is it more decklists, is it strategy, is it theory? I mean I’ve got a ton of ideas (Single card strategies, a best of color/card type segment, etc), but this is about you guys. What would you like to see on here?

So comment about one or both. Remember, if you haven’t commented on this site before I need to approve it (it keeps out the spam), and I try to do that as quickly as possible to keep the conversation going.

If you’re curious, my name on MTGO is: mtgcolorpie. Find me, friend me (is that how it works?), and we can play sometime.

Weekend Commentator Diversion – Most Hated General?

Somehow, the Sliver Overload guy wasn't the most hated at that table

Hi everyone.

We’re trying something different on 99EDH this weekend. After organizing our first EDH night at my store, we had an okay turn out for the first time out, 9 people including me. I had brought my video camera but I grabbed the battery that didn’t hold its charge so I didn’t get the interviews like I wanted. I’ll see if I can fix up the footage I did shoot and edit it all together for you.

Anyway, we had a pod of 5 and a pod of 4 playing with many different styles and, luckily, all different Generals. The table of 5 was locked down by a Karn deck while the table of 4 had a Teneb deck that was stealing everything that people were sacrificing. Was it as annoying as the Karn one? No, not by a long shot. But that got me thinking:

Which General do you hate to play against the most?

Is it the General that takes over a game, or the wins quickly? What General do you groan when you see an opponent play it?

Throw it in the comments below and let’s start a dialog. If people like this, we’ll start doing it every Friday. If not, hey don’t worry about it.

A note about commenting: I’ve got it set that if you’ve never had a comment on this site, I have to approve it (it sends me an e-mail and I make sure it’s not spam) and then it goes up. You don’t have to send it five times. Be nice, but go ahead and rant on here if you want.