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It’s Hard Out There for a Pimp EDH Deck


Editor’s Note: this is an image heavy post. If you have a slow connection or trying to see this page on the 3G network, wait to see it. Sorry.

If you’ve been playing EDH for a while, you’ve seen people’s prize EDH decks. Type 1 players have the same need as EDHers: to “Pimp” their deck.

No, that doesn’t mean to sell your deck to someone for a tournament so they can play it. “Pimping” your deck comes from the same vein as “Pimp My Ride” the much loved MTV show that spawned a meme. To pimp something is to make it flashy, showy, the “I’m better than you” attitude. Alot of people pimp things out: computers, cars, themselves. In the Magic world, people do it to their decks. Some players love to show off their awesome cards they’ve collected.

The foils, and the foreign, and the signed, and the altered, and the rare hardly ever printed version of the card. These are the pimps of EDH.

Because most EDH decks don’t change very often, there’s incentive to pimp out your deck. Over time, you’re less likely to change out a card for something else. While you see this in other formats as well, it’s more prevalent in older formats because of the same philosophy as well. In Standard, you could change your deck once a week, hardly worth the time and effort to make it all foil or foreign (unless you really want to or have access to cards like that).

Now, if you like a deck you’re playing and you want to star to “pimp” it out, where do you start? Easy, wherever you want to. If you see a foil in a trade binder, trade for it. Is an artist coming to a pre-release in your area? Take some cards to get them signed. Know someone who likes to doodle on cards? Pay ’em to draw/paint on your card. There is no right or wrong way to pimp your EDH deck. I’ve seen cards that have funny art on them, art that continued out of the frame, foils, foreign, you name it. It’s your deck, make it how you want.

Of course, there’s no pressure as well either. This is just a mentality thing and if you don’t have the funds or interest to do anything to your EDH deck, there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes it’s nice to look at someone else’s pretty cards.

Which is what exactly what we’ll do now. Continue reading