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Friday Night Fights – Lens vs Gauntlet

In a new section (around here it’s always new) we’ll take a look at two cards with mostly similar function, and see which one is better for your EDH deck. This was inspired by a player at my store who told me to play one over the other in my EDH deck. While we didn’t get in a fight, I thought that it should be discussed here and let you, the reader, decide (and by decide, it will be one person who will respond in comments and they will have the only vote, or so it seems).

On to tonight’s match! (Bell)

Extraplanar Lens Vs. Gauntlet of Power

Extraplanar Lens vs. Gauntlet of Power

Both give mono-color EDH decks mana acceleration. Each have strengths, each have weaknesses.

Who ya got? Continue reading