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99EDH Deck Clinic – Rafiq of the Many

Editor’s Note: I apologize for the lack of card tags in this article. At the moment of this printing, I have to do all the card tags myself, and I figured that it was more worth while to have the article up then keeping you waiting even longer. I apologize for the inconvenience, and recommend having up on a tab or new window to look up the cards you don’t know. I am currently trying to find something that works. Thank you for understanding.

Welcome to the inaugural 99EDH deck clinic where we help you with your EDH deck problems. This took a little longer then I thought, but finally we’re here. Not really this much else to say, is there? Let’s get right to it.

Billy chimes in with his problem (and suddenly I feel like Casey Kasem).

My name is Billy, and my general is Rafiq of the Many. I want to have my deck be the subject of a deck clinic because I’ve found that my EDH games are very non-interactive, linear, and predictable. My EDH games go from 1v1 to 6 or more people, so I try to be versatile in the face of a metagame that involved token (Rhys), general damage (Uril), prison (Hokori, Numot) and combo (Sharuum, Blue Braids, Niv-Mizzet) strategies.

My favorite type of EDH game involves lots of bickering and vying for control of the field, and I found that my games are usually a Reveillark combo or a Strip Mine lock, and is overly dependent on a few spells like Intuition. It seems like my deck has 20 or more cards devoted to combo and 20 to tutoring them. My deck is so linear that I frequently play Pithing Needle naming Relic of Progenitus before one is even in play because my deck doesn’t do anything without graveyard recursion.

I have trouble making room for dramatic, fun, social effects like Twincast, Bribery, and Pheldagriff, and even basic utility cards like Path to Exile. I also find myself scrambling for my 1 answer to a specific threat. Card availability is not an issue but has one caveat: I am hesitant to spend money on cards that aren’t a rock solid investment like Force of Will. In short, I’ve got 99 problems and a too linear deck is one.

Yes, the final line sold me.

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If You’re Havin’ Deck Problems I Feel Bad for You Son…

Now Zoidberg is the popular one!

Horray! I'm Helping!

I asked a question on Twitter and boy did it get responses. “Do you want an EDH deck clinic?” Yes was the response, overwhelmingly. In fact, I don’t think I got a single “No” answer. Whatever the people want, we do.

Here’s how it’s going to work: Send your decklist to 99EDHProblems AT Tell us why you want it fixed (having trouble with the local metagame, deck’s not working right, people laugh when I play this card), and your access to cards (Can get older (pre-Onslaught), just started out, etc) so we know what kind of cards to suggest. Yes, original duel lands make every deck better but we know not everyone can get access to them.

We can’t promise we’ll get to all of them quickly, but we’ll scatter these deck clinics out, maybe once every two weeks or some variation of that. We’ll always be looking for new decks, so keep submitting them, please. It could be your first EDH deck or your 25th, it always helps to have another pair (or several) take a look at your deck.

So, to recap:

  • Send decklist to 99EDHProblems AT
  • Tell us why you want us to take a look at it
  • What kind of cards you can get access to
  • Any other notes you think we should know

Do NOT post them to comments down below, or send them to me on Twitter; please e-mail them to the e-mail address.

Thanks everybody and the DOCTOR IS IN!