26 Scars Block Foil Cards You’ll Want a Year From Now*


*Obviously we’re going to ignore the Commanders.

Yes, I’m back. For the full story, come back Friday.

4 responses to “26 Scars Block Foil Cards You’ll Want a Year From Now*

  • Angry Graybeard

    Yes, yes, and more yes to ALL of these.

  • Brad H.

    Hmm. Brass Squire? Really? It is for sure a house in my Kemba deck, but I’m not convinced it’s good enough to see play in decks that aren’t specifically focused on equipment. Puresteel Paladin seems much more likely to have a splashover effect– Equip 0 seems like some of good. Likewise, Sylvok Replica seems weak, though I grant you being able to get rid of enchantments gives it a leg up on Viridian Shaman or the infect version thereof.

    Otherwise I agree with this list and am playing all of these cards in at least one of my EDH decks. Good EDH block.

  • brian

    glad to see this…but no swords or metamorph?

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