Big Surprise Time – I’m Writing for ManaNation

Yes readers, I am now a published writer on one of the big Magic sites. Huzzah! Right?

I’ll answer a few questions that you may have. Yes, you in the back.

Is this the end of 99EDH?

No, it’s not. I’m still going to write here now that I’ve more of a set schedule (more on that in a minute). I’m currently working on editing the SOM EDH review that Derfington wrote and that will be up Monday or Tuesday. Seriously, I’ve blocked time off and everything to finish it. PLUS, several submitted posts that people have sent in will finally see the day of light.

Trick (who’s the main editor at, wants me to write the same stuff that you’d see here. There will be some more stuff on 99EDH that won’t appear on ManaNation simply because I don’t think that they’re long enough to be an article worthy length. Think “How to Non-Lethally Get Rid of a General” and its ilk.

While this does change some of the ideas I wanted to do with 99EDH, maybe I’ll just get to them in a little while.

How does this benefit me (the reader)?

Very good question. What you’ll get is a weekly column by me. Yes, no longer waiting to see if I post something every few weeks as been the case lately. By having someone to report to that hold me accountable, I will have to meet a deadline. It’s not like the guilt of you guys leaving me comments asking me when the next post wasn’t helping; I had to fit it into my life when I could (You’ll see a post about that on MTGCP this week, hopefully). This way, it forces me into writing it for you. It’s like when you have a personal trainer, you need someone to help push you. Trick is going to do the same thing for me.

Every Monday, when you head into another awful workweek, you can sit down at your office and read a new post of mine.  No more complaining, you’ll just get it. Awesome, right?

You’ll see the intro paragraphs here, like you normally would. But, if you want to read the rest of it, you’re gonna have to head over to I can’t post the whole thing over here for obvious reasons.

Bonus: Since I love you guys so much, you can help dictate what you want written over there. While I have some ideas, you’re free to suggest some here. If there’s something you would like tackled that you haven’t read before, suggest it. I’ve been meaning to talk about a 1v1 banned list, multi-player politics, etc. I’m not saying you didn’t have an ear before, but now you can suggest stuff and see your name in a big time Magic site.

As always, you can e-mail me (mtgcolorpie_AT_GMAIL_DOT_COM) or find me on twitter (@mtgcolorpie). I’m always open to your feedback.

So, now we’ll get back to some regular posting. I know you’ve missed it; I’ve missed it too. You guys have certainly grown on me. After all, last week was the 1 year anniversary of 99EDH and we didn’t celebrate it. But we’ll get back to normal around here soon enough.

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