The Inside Outside World of 99EDH

Hey everyone.

Yes, I know that 99EDH hasn’t been updated in a while. I can’t apologize enough for that. Like everything, things got busy, posts were half written and life happened. Let me tell you this: something exciting is going to happen soon. I can’t let it out of the bag just yet, but I think you’ll be happy with the results.

As for new content, Derfington has stepped in and written the Scars of Mirrodin EDH review that I’m currently editing and adding my own thoughts. If I don’t get it up tonight, it will be up Wednesday or Thursday (due to real life events that you know if you read

So, please just hold tight a little longer. I promise it will be worth it.

– Robby

One response to “The Inside Outside World of 99EDH

  • Dane

    When is the SOM review going to be in? It’s been a week since you said it would be out. Not trying to rush you but it’s been out for a month at least.

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