Friday Night Fights – Lens vs Gauntlet

In a new section (around here it’s always new) we’ll take a look at two cards with mostly similar function, and see which one is better for your EDH deck. This was inspired by a player at my store who told me to play one over the other in my EDH deck. While we didn’t get in a fight, I thought that it should be discussed here and let you, the reader, decide (and by decide, it will be one person who will respond in comments and they will have the only vote, or so it seems).

On to tonight’s match! (Bell)

Extraplanar Lens Vs. Gauntlet of Power

Extraplanar Lens vs. Gauntlet of Power

Both give mono-color EDH decks mana acceleration. Each have strengths, each have weaknesses.

Who ya got?

LENS: Let’s see, I come down earlier, which is really what you want, right? I mean, who wants mana acceleration on turn 5 anyway?

GAUNTLET: Yeah, did you see my other ability too? You know, where I make your creatures bigger as well?

LENS: You make everyone’s creatures of that color bigger, every your opponent’s. In fact, the basic lands you name also affect your opponent’s as well.

GAUNTLET: That’s a dumb argument, you have that as well.

LENS: Oh, yeah. Well at least I don’t cost 5 to play!

GAUNTLET: I don’t have to exile a land to make my effect work. “Oh no, don’t play Shatter on me! That’s card advantage!”

LENS: You idiot, no one plays shatter in EDH.

GAUNTLET: You know what’s really cool with what I can do? I can play Prismatic Omen and get a ton of mana. Pretty cool trick, right? Let’s see you do that.

LENS: Life and Limb with Mirroweave.

GAUNTLET: Yeah, like that would ever happen.

LENS: It’s EDH! Live the dream.

GAUNTLET: Whatever. Go back to the Monopoly Guy’s face.

LENS: Easy Master Hand from Super Mario Brawl knock-off.

GAUNTLET: If you’re going to compare me to Nintendo products, at least mention the Power Glove.

LENS: Oh, save me Fred Savage. What a joke!

GAUNTLET: Stargate reject!

LENS: Look everyone: It’s Thing from the Addams Family in a full body cast!

GAUNTLET: Why you little… (Starts to crawl towards Lens).

See, that’s why it’s called Friday Night Fights! If you have a favorite you like to use, sound off on it down below. Have a good weekend everyone.

7 responses to “Friday Night Fights – Lens vs Gauntlet

  • Fart Brisko

    This article didn’t really say anything interesting. I was debating this exact problem; which one to put in my mono-black edh deck. I ended up putting both in, but I almost left extraplanar lens out because if you top deck it when you have no swamps in hand, its gay. On the other hand, if you drop it turn 3, you have 6 (possibly 8) mana turn 4.

    Also, you should mention how extraplanar lens interacts with snow-covered basic lands to keep your opponents from taking advantage of it.

  • Fart Brisko

    another knock against extraplanar lens: investing two cards into something that is easily destroyed is risky. putting in two lands instead is much more stable, but in the end, i think the potential mana acceleration was worth it. also, extraplanar lens works against cards like gauntlet of might, cabal coffers, and magus of the coffers by taking a swamp out of the game, but again i think its worth it.

  • Zaaba

    I play both the lens + gauntlet in my Mono-B Endrek Sahr deck. However, the turn 3 lens typically turns into a must-destroy, must-bounce artifact soon enough.

  • Derfington

    Entertaining a strange thought: Extraplanar Lens is stronger in the late game, while the Gauntlet of Power is stronger in the early game.

    If you play the Lens late, you have more mana to capitalize on the turn you play it, with more potential in the following turns. The imprint doesn’t hurt as much. If you play it turn 3, you leave yourself open to get knocked back a turn when it hurts the most.

    The Gauntlet is a mana hog in many stages of the game, so playing it late may not net you a huge advantage vs. tapping out for it turn 5 (or ramping into it earlier). You also don’t lose a land drop if it dies. Also, if you play the Gauntlet early, your opponents have fewer lands to take advantage of it before you do. Late game, you’re dropping 5 mana and your opponents will have a lot of lands to potentially abuse it.

    Strange thought aside, the Gauntlet seems like the safer option, while the Lens trades risk for more explosive plays.

  • dalkoncledwin

    just a note, the poll lists “Gauntlet of Might” but the article is discussing “Gauntlet of Power” is it not? (Grr, I did that about five times during the edit. Good call, fixed – MtGCP)

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