Welcome to the New EDH Blog

Most likely not the best General to play

Most likely not the best General to play

Welcome to the first spin-off site for my main blog MtGColorPie. My name is Robby and I’ll be your editor here on this blog. Interestingly, I won’t be your only author for blog posts. That’s right lady(ies?) and gentlemen, you too can have an article posted on this here blog. But, we’ll get to that in a minute.

This blog doesn’t “Officially” launch until Sunday (Nov 1 (11-1, get it, all 1’s for a singleton format)), but I’d thought I’d give you something to read about this new blog. If you want to read this post over and over again, I won’t stop you.

The reason why this blog is a spin-off was that on my other blog I really don’t talk about deck lists and strategy or anything like that, it’s all about Magic design and humor. Sometimes it’s one over the other but that’s neither here nor there. Elder Dragon Highlander is my favorite format to play. Being a Johnny/Spike, I can live out all my wildest Magic fantasies of playing Storm Herd without getting laughed at. Should EDH be your favorite format? Yes, and this blog will help you accept it.

If you’ve never played EDH, don’t worry, this site will show you how to play this format. Not only that, but we’ll have deck ideas with Generals, what cards are great to play in EDH, strategy, theory, politics, set analysis, play by play game recaps, and more. This isn’t a place to get cutting edge technology that will turn you into the next Pro Tour winner (though if that happens, please tell us). This blog will be by the players, for the players.

If you already know EDH (most people at this time who would come to the blog would), you can write for this blog. That’s right, if you have a post you want to do (talk about your deck, your epic game you had, or share your ideas), send me an e-mail at 99edhproblems or mtgcolorpie (Both are @gmail.com). I want this blog to be what you guys want, not what I want.

The comments are open to everyone so send your discussion there. If there’s something you want to see here and you haven’t told me on twitter (@mtgcolorpie), leave it in the comments below. And welcome to the world of EDH.

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